A home delivery service that pleases people who have difficulty shopping on a daily basis, such as child-rearing households and elderly households.

Above all, the individual delivery service provided by the consumer co-op (corp) delivers on fixed days and times every week.

Co-op home delivery

If you register basic products such as eggs, milk, and tofu in the automatic ordering service, they will be delivered without you having to order every week, so even busy people or people who tend to forget to order are safe. Since you will receive a leaflet every week, even people who are not good at the Internet can order directly from the delivery staff as if they were looking at the catalog. Even elderly people can easily order. There are many products that are limited to home delivery, and we also carry local specialties from all over Japan that you can’t easily go to buy, as well as seasonal limited products, so you can enjoy shopping without getting tired. We handle not only food products but also daily necessities such as detergents.