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Speaking of Yakult, it is the largest manufacturer of lactic acid bacteria beverages that cannot be pushed.

You can easily buy it at the supermarket, and the intestinal regulation effect that everyone from children to adults is happy with is the most attractive. Do you know Yakult’s home delivery service, which is even more convenient for your usual health care ?

Yakult Ladies

Yakult Ladies bring products to their homes and offices every day. We propose products tailored to each customer from a number of Yakult products. The advice of Yakult Ladies, who are professionals, is gratifying because it is a product that is directly linked to health. In addition, some products are sold only by door-to-door sales, so it can be said that door-to-door sales are the best way to find the one that suits your body from more products. It is desirable to take lactic acid bacteria continuously every day, so you will not forget to take it and it is perfect for busy people.