Many people think that Rakuten Ichiba is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a mail-order site . That should be it, Rakuten Ichiba is a huge online shopping site with more than 46,000 shops and more than 250 million products.

From daily necessities to sweets and branded products

Rakuten Ichiba boasts an overwhelming number of products. The ranking of the best-selling products is updated in real time, and the lineup is also very diverse. In addition to women’s fashion, books and DVDs, we also carry expensive home appliances and branded bags. What makes me happy at Rakuten Ichiba is the point system. As a general rule, 1 point (equivalent to 1 yen) is given for every 100 yen spent, and it is attractive that it can be used not only in Rakuten Ichiba but also for delivery and travel of the Rakuten Group.